We are pros at hassle-free picture days! We’re here to make sure your school has a great experience and your students receive top-notch attention on picture day. Plus, parents get timeless school portraits at an affordable price while supporting the local community. 

That’s what we call a win-win! Call or email us today if you are not one of the many schools we photograph. We will be happy to share with you how we can make sure your school picture days are hassle-free!

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School Photography for Parents

Timeless Portraits 
Just because it’s a school picture doesn’t mean it has to look like one! With a portrait background, studio lighting, and package printing by a state of the art photo lab, we guarantee a great result for each child.

Privately owned, local business
Being a local business means exceptional service for you! Should your child miss school picture day, you are welcome to bring them into the studio to be photographed. No additional fee is charged for this service. Our studio is open 6 days a week with extra hours by appointment. Our photographers are full time professionals who live in the local area. Working with a local business helps support the local community.

• Quick, Efficient Turnaround Time
Picture orders are delivered to the school within 3 weeks of picture day. All picture packages are individually packaged and labeled with each student’s name, grade and homeroom. To avoid confusion, separate orders placed for the same student are individually packaged and appropriately labeled (ie. Mom’s order, Dad’s order). A reorder form is included with each portrait package. Should you need to reach us for any reason, our phone number and email address are included in every order.

School Photography for Administration

Picture days are hassle free with M&M Photography! Your students will receive individualized attention on picture day and your parents will receive quality portraits that they will be proud to share with family and friends and at an affordable price! Our photographers are full time professionals with many years of experience photographing school age children. We know how to get the best expressions eliminating the need for retakes. The attention to detail that we give every step of the way eliminates problems that keep your phone from ringing.

• Affordable Prices + Fast Delivery
With a variety of package options, there is something to fit every budget. Extra prints can be added at a nominal price. We believe every family should have a school picture of their child.
Picture packages are delivered within three weeks of picture days. Each package is labeled with the child’s name, homeroom and grade. Packages are bundled by homeroom for easy distribution! Our studio phone number and email address are labeled on each package so any parent with a question can call us directly.

•Self-sufficient Photographers
Our photographers are trained to provide a fast, efficient picture day. This allows for minimal disruption of class time. We are self-sufficient bringing enough staff to keep the flow of students moving. Our barcoded camera cards keep everything on track assuring that each student is properly identified for the yearbook.

•Tools of the Trade
Administrators today need easy access to student images. Digital files with identifying data are sent electronically to the school shortly after picture day. Complimentary student and staff ID cards are provided upon request. We work flawlessly with the various yearbook companies to assure that files are properly formatted. Yearbook advisors love how we make their job easier by properly sizing and color correcting the images.

School Photography for Yearbook Advisors

Whether you are a high school, middle school, or elementary school yearbook advisor, we are here for you! We have been providing yearbook photography for over 35 years and can help you meet your deadlines and produce a quality yearbook that parents and students will be proud to own.

In addition to providing the underclass pictures formatted to the yearbook publisher’s specifications, we will photograph the clubs, groups, and sports teams and candids for use in the yearbook. Additionally, we will edit and crop the images for easy insertion into the yearbook layout. And the best part… there is no fee for our services!

We would love to share our expertise with you. Give us a call today!


Let’s talk about the little ones… our favorites!! There is no better joy than capturing the smile of a 3 year old and knowing that mom, dad, and especially grandma, will treasure it forever.

Many of our preschools and daycares off Spring and Fall/Winter photography; others just offer pictures one time per year. We offer both seasonal and standard backgrounds with a variety of options for props. Shoot us an email or give us a call to discuss our ordering options for parents and fundraising options for schools.

Did you know we also photograph Preschool Graduations?! Be sure to mark this special occasion with a professional portrait. Special pricing for preschools to give as a thank you gift for parents of the graduates is available!

What You Can Expect

Quick Turnaround Times

State of the Art Technology


Attention to Detail

Quality Customer Service


"M&M came to my daughter’s preschool to do photos today. It should have been no big deal, right? Well, my daughter is autistic and I was literally worried sick about how this would go. They couldn’t have been more patient and kind with her. The pictures looked wonderful!!!! They have won my business for life. Thank you for being such wonderful people."
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