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Mark & Marianne

Meet Mark. Also known as Mr. M, Big Mark and Bossman. Mark is married to his better half, Marianne, and together they are the inseparable M&M. When Mark decided to open his own photography studio shortly after graduating from high school, Marianne being the realist that she is, told him, ‘Do it now so if it fails, there’s still time to find another job.’ Well, 30+ years later you could say Mark is quite the business man and Marianne couldn’t be more relieved. His natural business acumen and talent as a photographer allowed the business to grow and flourish.

Mark is a second generation photographer. His father, Norman, owned Norman’s Studio, where Mark learned early on about F-Stops, apertures, lighting, and cameras. As the years passed Mark made the transition from film to digital. One of his happiest days was when he gutted the darkroom where he spent countless hours developing film for the local high school yearbooks.

Outside of the studio, Mark is constantly remodeling his home or planning his next vacation. The man cannot sit still. Literally. Fun Fact: He will only sit in a rocking chair! He likes to be on the move. Other fun facts include his love for silence… unless you can hook him up with a commercial free, non stop Jimmy Buffett radio station, you won’t find him listening to music. And if it’s not 8:00 pm on a Wednesday night during Survivor season or a Sunday afternoon when the Steelers are playing, you probably won’t find him in front of the TV either. Mark is a do-er. Hence why the business has been so successful after all of these years!

Marianne comes from a family of artists and was sort of the black sheep so to say. With a background in rehabilitation counseling, she married Mark, a photographer, which reeled her back into the arts category. While Mark and Marianne were starting their business and growing their family, Marianne used her degree as a rehab counselor to pay for food and film. It wasn’t until the business was thriving and their oldest daughter started crawling that Mark encouraged her to come on full time with him. And to this day, they have no regrets about it!

Marianne is a people pleaser. She takes the phrase, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile” very literal. This is why she loves her job! All day long she gets to make people smile and create images for people to pass on for generations. When clients tell her how thrilled they are with the service they’ve received and the images that were captured, she is in her happy place.

Fun facts about Marianne: She lives for her grandkids! She has two boys and two more little ones on the way. She is not a cook, an exercise fanatic or a world traveler. She’s a homebody. She likes a good book, a cup of hot tea, and a covered porch to sit and relax after a long day!


Melissa is Mark and Marianne’s oldest daughter. The artist gene that skipped Marianne was passed on strong to Melissa. With a background in Graphic Design and Marketing, Melissa brings new and exciting ideas to the business. Melissa and her husband, Wes, have two rambunctious boys, Ryan and Sean. Melissa is a lot like her dad in that she is always on the move! With a passion for painting and decorating, she always has some sort of project in the works. Unlike Mark however, Melissa is a music fanatic – specifically singer/songwriters. Other fun facts about Melissa: she despises any light in a room when she’s trying to sleep, the tick-tock of a clock, and the recalculating voice of a GPS after missing a turn (which happens often).


Meet Sarah. A pizza-loving, coffee obsessed, twenty-something who recently married her best friend. Often mistaken as one of the daughters, Sarah is not related, but fits right in anyways! She has a degree in photography and excels at all aspects of it. Sarah is a photographer by day and an amateur makeup junkie by night. She has a huge heart for kids and enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews when she’s not working. One thing Sarah does not get along with is the cold weather – hence where the hot coffee comes in!! Sarah is a music fanatic as well – The Piano Guys and musical soundtracks are her go-to’s. Fun Fact: Sarah is married to a music teacher so by default she has no choice but to enjoy music!


Megan is another one of the M’s (have you caught on yet?!). She is the youngest of Mark and Marianne’s girls. It’s said to be that the youngest is often the “forgotten child”, however fast food drive thru’s know Megan very well. A large Coke and chicken nuggets coming right up. When Megan is not at work, you can find her snuggled up on the couch with her pup, Sydney, or decorating the nursery for the little boy she’s about to bring into this world! Country music is her jam and she believes summer concerts should be an excused absence from work. She and her husband Brett are high school sweethearts who recently tied the knot on the hottest day of 2017. Together they bought a fixer upper and have enjoyed (and sometimes hated) turning it into their forever home. Other fun facts about Megan: Her roots run deep in family tradition, but not as deep as her competitiveness in board games. Anyone free Friday night?!


"We used M&M Photography for family photos with our dogs and they did such a wonderful job! The photographers scoped at the area at South Park before our shoot and found the best spots with all of the fall colors. They were very creative with their poses for us as well! We love how our photos turned out! We would definitely recommend them to everyone!"
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