Children's Portraits

Childhood milestones can never be repeated. Capture your children as they grow with professional portraits that will be treasured for a lifetime by enrolling in our Watch Me Grow Program. This program captures all of the special moments during your child's youth. Celebrate your baby's first year! The Watch Me Grow Program captures your child's first year with portrait sessions at newborn, four months, eight months, and twelve months. Watch as your baby develops from an infant barely able to open his or her eyes to a one year old captivated by the taste and feel of a birthday cake! Each session during the first year is custom designed to create one of a kind images for you and your family to enjoy! Babies don't stop growing at one year. The joy and wonder of their development is an ongoing and incredible experience as their personalities begin to develop so does the opportunity for amazing images. Beyond the first year, the Watch Me Grow Program allows you to continue to capture your child's growth and personality. Each year presents new and exciting changes in your child. M&M Photography welcomes the opportunity to record each stage of your child's development from newborn to high school senior! Gift certificates are available for baby showers or upon arrival of the newborn. It is one of the most unique and cherished gifts they'll receive.